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b. 1996 (chicago, illinois)

Raised in Minnesota, Anna has worked as a dance artist and educator in New York City for the past 10 years. She moved back to the Twin Cities in 2022 to pursue the next season of her creative work.


Anna’s current MN work includes Ashwini Ramaswamy's Invisible Cities, the TU Dance 3 Women Project, and Flying Foot Forum's 30th Anniversary Concert. She also continues to work with the NYC-based Rovaco Dance Company.


Her work as an educator has included Dance Theatre of Harlem, The Neighborhood Playhouse School, Daya Yoga Studio, the NYC Public School System, Zenon Dance School, Hothouse Minneapolis, and TU Dance.


Anna also practices Thai Bodywork, and is studying for her MS in Human Movement Science. Her passion for bodily education spills into both her teaching and artistic work. Her current creative processes explore the repetitive translation and transmutation of our universe’s intrinsic languages.

Anna Pinault Rovaco Dance Company

Her powerful energy is unique in its ability to quickly morph from style to style, all while maintaining a supple articulation and water-like quality.

Anna Pinault is a professional dancer based in New York City & the Twin Cities

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