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what i teach




**movement exploration


floor work

mindful fitness for adults

anatomy for kids


anna pinault mana contemporary art museum

where i've been

Flushing YMCA

Dance Theatre of Harlem School

Urban Assembly for the Performing Arts

Daya Yoga Studio

River Valley Dance Academy

The Neighborhood Playhouse

James Fowler Physical Therapy

Zenon Dance School

TU Dance

Hothouse Minneapolis

current classes

Horton-Based Modern | Wednesdays 5:30-7pm | Zenon

*my philosophy on technique:

I teach classes for both youth and adult movers. It is highly important to me to impart proper technique and form, however I also believe that a sense of freedom, play, and individuality should be at the root of it all. In my classes we learn hard work, discipline, self-correction, and technical vocabulary, all while basking in the joy of accomplishing our goals and enjoying movement.

**what is movement exploration?


Movement Exploration (M.E.) is a class that I have been creating and developing throughout my entire career as a mover. It a place to greet your body and explore what it has to offer.

Through body awareness exercises, guided improvisation, contact improv, movement games, and elements of yoga, students will be encouraged to experiment and ultimately find joy in their groove. An emphasis is placed on listening to your body and the freedom to make "mistakes".


My teaching style is inspired by the curiosity of my students and by my endless journey of discovery with my own body. This class is a safe space, and has often been a cathartic experience for those involved.


Class is open to all levels, and can be tailored to the students' movement experience or level of dance training.

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