:: sessions are temporarily on hold due to COVID-19 to help keep us all safe ::

The body can be an uncomfortable and even painful place for many people to exist.

Trauma, injury, illness, and shame can all inhabit our physical homes and fill us with resentment. While healing has many definitions, and is an often complex process, I still maintain that if we unclench our fists and stay curious about ourselves we may find a little relief. 

It is my goal as an artist, teacher, administrator, and wellness worker to help facilitate this curiosity and to help people have experiences in which their body is, even for a moment, a source of wonder.


:: offerings ::

60 + 90 minute Thai Bodywork Sessions

I practice out of my home studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

In-home sessions are available for those in Bushwick, Williamsburg, Ridgewood, Midtown, and Lower Manhattan (feel free to contact me if you are unsure whether or not this applies to you!)

:: Contact me if you are interested in a session, and we can talk more about scheduling and your healing needs ::

what is thai bodywork?

Thai Bodywork is a fully-clothed practice that incorporates acupressure, deep tissue massage, and passive stretches to achieve pain relief, mobility, and relaxation, as well as emotional and energetic well-being.


I love Thai Bodywork because it is a dance - a mutual journey towards healing. In our session we will rock, sway, lean, circle, reach, and b r e a t h e...


60 minutes :: $70

90 minutes :: $95

in-home sessions

60 minutes :: $95

90 minutes :: $135

Exchanges are always an option.

Please reach out if you are in financial hardship and we can work together to find something accessible for both of us.

my trainings and certifications

Intuitive Thai Therapy Level I from Thai Brooklyn

Reiki Level I from Glowing Heart Reiki School